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With countless insurance companies calling on our professional translation services, PARIS TRADUCTIONS is an expert in the mechanisms and specific terms of the insurance world.

There is a wide variety of information in this field, available in all sorts of formats, and to make sure it is easy to understand, our translations seek to be as: accurate, clear and fluid as possible.

PARIS TRADUCTIONS is first and foremost about quality assurance. Contact us for more information about our services in your line of work.

    We translate:
  • Accident reports
  • Constats amiables (road accident reports drawn up by the parties involved)
  • Expert reports (car, medical etc.)
  • Questionnaires
  • Forms (witness hearings, etc.)
  • General insurance terms
  • Sales leaflets etc.
    Total respect of confidentiality
    PARIS TRADUCTIONS undertakes without fail to respect the confidentiality of the documents it receives and can, when necessary, sign a specific confidentiality agreement with the customer.
    Please feel free to contact our team for any further information. Contact us.

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