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What we do
Conveying your company's ethos in all languages.
For PARIS TRADUCTIONS, words are not the only thing to change from one language to the next:
ideas and the way in which they are expressed must also be translated.

PARIS TRADUCTIONS has a team of 200 translators at your service, with both technical and linguistic qualifications. Each translator is fully adept at using IT hard- and software. For each translation, the choice of translator is based on his or her areas of expertise and on the deadline.

PARIS TRADUCTIONS is first and foremost about quality assurance. Contact us for more information about our services in your line of work. PARIS TRADUCTIONS also offers a range of services traditionally associated with translation and shares its expertise with you.

  • Over 500 technical glossaries and dictionaries
  • A thematic library of thousands of customer documents
  • A terminological database
    PARIS TRADUCTIONS translators:
  • ensure a high-quality translation from start to finish (accuracy of content, suitable level of language and correction of all errors).
  • Use the glossaries or documents provided (where applicable), keep to the deadline and see to the page layout if requested (CAP).
  • PARIS TRADUCTIONS promises all of its customers, whether they be individuals or multinational companies, that it will keep the documents entrusted to it completely confidential (Professional secrecy - Article 226-13 of the French Penal Code)

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